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Welcome, friends, to the web log for upcoming documentary “40 Nights of Rock & Roll," a film by director Scott Sloan & former Paste magazine editor Steve LaBate.

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40 Nights of Rock Archive: Video blog, Day 7 - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

In Day 7’s video blog, we get a recap on the previous night’s RATT show, a primer on the “power violence" genre, and a face-rockin’ clip of Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun playing at a super-cool bar called The Triple in Richmond, Va.


Watch the 40 Nights movie trailer, featuring Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun’s “Autonomic”


Holy shit, this clip rules! This was my favorite song when it came out. I think I was four or five. It still rocks my face. And I can also vouch that RATT is just as good live now as it was 25 years ago.


40 Nights of Rock Archive: Day 6 video blog - RATT

Scott and Steve on the road from Boston to Baltimore. Steve drunkenly freaks out about how awesome RATT is.


"And on the 6th Day of Rock, the gods gave us RATT"

"AC/DC is the glue of the universe." - Steve LaBate, from the forthcoming book, 40 Nights of Rock & Roll: A Life-Affirming Death March Through the Heart of Rock Music on The Road in America.


"A Little Love Letter to Led Zeppelin IV"

"And on the 6th Day of Rock & Roll, the Gods Gave Us RATT!"

40 Nights of Rock & Roll’s featured artists.

And you can check out our full itinerary—which includes every band we filmed and every stop we made on our mad sprint across the U.S.—right here

Yep.  RATT.  ’80s Glam Metal Gods.  Over 20 million records sold worldwide. Essential hits and genre-defining songs & videos—like “Round and Round,” “Back for More,” “Lay it Down”—that are imprinted on the DNA of most of us who grew up with them.  

Their 7th album Infestation comes out next Tuesday on Roadrunner. I’ve listened to it a couple times, and am totally digging it. The songs and tone sound at once classic and current, not to mention it totally rocks.

Lead guitarist Warren DeMartini will be talking to us before RATT takes the stage at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore on May 6th.

Everybody should be really excited about this one…

Round and Round Music Video

Official Site

Stream the new album Infestation here

- Sloan